Afternoon in Godalming



River Wey

River Wey

River Wey

River Wey

Pleasant warm afternoon, hazy sun, occasional blue sky.

A bridge has been built across the line at Godalming Station. It is unfortunate that it is out of character with the station that has kept its Victorian character.

Candle lit, but no prayer card writ (as there were none) in Parish Church  for Mavis in hospital with a fractured shoulder (but slowly, slowly recovering).

Chairs had been put on top of brasses and other artefacts in the floor.

I moved all the chairs.

Why do churches not take better care of their heritage?

Friday lunchtime concerts. Mainly organ recitals.

Why not invite Jewelia to play the piano?

I was pleased to see the churchyard has been left as a hay meadow, paths cut through the grass.

A lesson for Farnham Parish Church which has cut its grass.

A pleasant walk along the River Wey.

I was surprised how how the hogweed. I do not recall it ever being this high before.

Walking up through Church Street, I saw the little coffee shop cum cake shop had closed. I was not surprised, it has been there a couple of years, and I have yet to see anyone in it.

Lunch at Cafe Mila was a disappointment, not their usual high standard. The soup was ok, the main, a sort of curried vegetables was not good.

Cafe Mila need to up their game on their coffee. The world has moved on. They need to source beans from a quality independent roaster. Try Horsham or Surrey Hills.

I learnt from the butcher when the Godalming Food Festival will be.

The Godalming Food Company changed hands last year. Changes since I last visited. Now half a coffee shop. Poor choice of cakes. Contrary to the sign outside, not the best coffee in Godalming. They source poor quality beans, and the guy making the coffee not a clue, and it was undrinkable. Not as bad as Costa, but in that ballpark.

A lady said, go further up the High Street, you will find something much better.

I do not think I have ever ventured beyond the museum and the bus stop.

Changing Perceptions, what a  delightful surprise. Tea room cum coffee shop, wide choice of teas and cakes.  A tea shop that sells paint and furniture. But there was even bigger surprise in store. Wander through the back and it opens out into a workshop where furniture is restored.

I had a flapjack and a pot of tea. I did not have a coffee because I still had the foul taste of the coffee from the Godalming Food Company.

Long wait for 71 bus. Half and hour late and had still not turned up. I caught the 46.

The 46 used to run ten minutes or there about after the 71, but now seems to run at random times.

A pleasant bus ride through sunken lanes.

Godalming Food Festival Saturday 2 July 2016.


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