Lunch at Guildford Institute

lunch at Guildford Institute

lunch at Guildford Institute

Friday I felt like lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage, but as I ate there a few days before, I decided upon lunch at Guildford Institute.

A big mistake.

It was not good. I did not even bother with the sweet.

But worse was to come.

An hour and a half later, bad food poisoning.

I had nothing else to eat or drink, therefore can be reasonably certain what I ate at Guildford Institute was the cause.

I had had breakfast that morning but no different to any other day.

A few days before, I had a dessert at Guildford Institute. No problem.

This though is not the first occasion of food poisoning. It has happened at least two or three times before.

It used to be a different lady preparing the food on a Friday. Never once a problem.

The problem has always been, those who used to prepare the food Monday to Thursday, now Monday to Friday.

The last time this happened, I went back and asked those who had eaten when I had, had they fallen ill.

I cannot be certain, but it may have been they did.

The food is prepared outside, brought in, then heated in a microwave, some is on a hot plate.

What I had, some sort of fritter, was heated in a microwave. It was not hot, lukewarm.

Plus I had two salads, one a lentil salad, the other some form of shredded cabbage.

As this is not the first time this has happened. At least two or three times before. Environmental Health need to investigate to determine the cause.

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8 Responses to “Lunch at Guildford Institute”

  1. Anthony Lea Says:

    I trust you will be advising them Keith.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Will do.

    I am concerned others falling ill.

    Food poisoning tends to be under reported as difficult to be sure of the source.

    In this case, fairly certain, and it is not the first time.

    If Environmental Health can locate and address the source of the problem, then that would be good news.

    Commercial food outlets are required to keep a sample of all their foods.

    For how long, and whether it applies here, I do not know.

    Guildford Institute had to upgrade their kitchen, as regarded as sub-standard.

    Guildford was the place to visit on a Friday, when a different lady did the food. Always excellent, but sadly she left.

    • Anthony Lea Says:

      Yes I agree if not for you then others for sure.

      Yes unfortunately it’s the same with pubs. A really thriving and excellent pub can have a change of Landlord and it can all go to rack and ruin certainly a real shame if it happens to be your local.

      Sometimes it is not unknown for a Pubco to put a Landlord in to deliberately run the pub down so it makes it easier to sell their asset for either a local big chain supermarket, houses or 64 flats as per the Ham and Blackbird (although not in this case a Pubco owned pub) despite everyone’s vociferous objections.

  3. keithpp Says:

    I doubt if a pubco needs to put in a bad landlord, and there are enough of those, all they need to do is screw the landlord and the pub fails, then it is developed.

    Death of the English pub

  4. leone palmer Says:

    We are so sorry you did not enjoy your experience at the guildford institute.
    We are a small business that has been catering vegetarian food for the past thirty years and have customers that enjoy and return because the food is fresh ,interesting and prepared daily on the presmises -a fact you were obviously unaware of.
    We are rated five star by the council-rerated five star after your complaint !
    If our food does not suit your constitution it is felt by all that your annoying attention to the staff and your business should be taken elsewhere.

  5. keithpp Says:

    To eat once and fall ill, is a cause for concern.

    To fall ill on more than once occasion, is a cause of grave concern.

    Environmental Health were asked to investigate in the hope they could identify the source.

    Ideally, Environmental Health would require samples of the food eaten. In the absence of all they can do is check kitchen is clean, and that those preparing and handling the food understand the basics of food preparation.

    It is unfortunate that they were unable to identify the source of the food poisoning, as it could then have been addressed.

    To eat, and then find within an hour or so, sat on a toilet emptying ones bowels, is not good.

    Infantile comment ‘If our food does not suit your constitution’ eat elsewhere, is hardly a recommendation to eat at the Guildford Institute under the current catering regime.

    It also ignores the serious matter, there is a problem. Rather than post infantile comments, I would have thought would be keen to address what is wrong.

    Friday lunch at the Guildford Institute, when a different lady did the food, was a delight. Worth a trip to Guildford. Not once ever fell ill. The same was true of when the previous lady did the lunches on a Tuesday and Friday.

    Eating out in Guildford, not once ever fallen ill.

    Eating with squatters, and at the Hive in London, food salvaged from skips, not once ever fallen ill.

    Eating Street food in London, in Godalming, in Winchester, in Brighton, not once ever fallen ill.

    Eating at excellent vegetarian restaurants in London, Brighton, Puerto de la Cruz and Prague, not once ever fallen ill.

    Eating across Europe and Middle East, not once ever fallen ill.

    Eating street food in Istanbul, not once ever fallen ill.

    On the other hand, eating lunch at the Guildford Institute (and I hasten to add never when different ladies served excellent food on a Tuesday and Friday), have fallen seriously ill with food poisoning.

    Disgusting response to cases of food poisoning, and begs the question, should the trustees at the Guildford Institute, not be seeking someone else to do the lunchtime catering?

    Before posting infantile comments, that make one look a fool, it is always wise to read what has been written.

    Far from complaining, my concern was to have Environmental Health investigate to hopefully identify the cause of the food poisoning, in order that others who eat the food do not fall ill.

    A concern I would have thought all would share. But obviously not.

  6. keithpp Says:

    Food poisoning expert reveals the 6 items he refuses to eat – and advises us to do the same

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