Cod and chips in Traditional Plaice

cod and chips and peas

cod and chips and peas

I have had bad service, but nothing this bad.

I was on my way to Waitrose. As it was gone five o’clock I decided to pop in The Traditional Plaice in Downing Street for a very late lunch. A very big mistake.

I was about to sit down, when I was told to site at a table for two in the far corner.

The place was almost empty. Were they expecting a rush?

A long wait, finally my order is taken. Fairly simple, cod and chips and peas and a glass of water.

I wait and wait. 20 minutes goes by and I am still waiting.

Finally, after 35 minutes wait, my order arrives.

The fish and peas were not cooked.

Easy to see why.

Cooked from frozen, with no account taken of the fact cooked from frozen.

Having finished my meal, I then have a long wait before the bill arrives.

After over twenty minutes, almost twenty-five minutes, I manage to ask for the bill.

At £8-35, it was very expensive for small sized portion of cod and chips.

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