Afternoon in Guildford

lunch at Guildford Institute

lunch at Guildford Institute

I thought yesterday afternoon it would rain. Luckily it did not. Well actually it did, a brief shower, but I was inside at the time.

I felt like lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage, but as I ate there Tuesday, I decided lunch at Guildford Institute.

A big mistake.

It was not good. I did not even bother with the sweet.

But worse was to come.

An hour and a half later, bad food poisoning.

And this is not the first time this has happened. At least two or three times before. Environmental Health need to investigate.

Passing by the Thai restaurant and regretting I had not eaten there, I saw the owner had her bike outside.

I popped in and said hello. I told her of my experience on Tuesday. She was aware, her staff are killing her business. She used to have Thai girls who were students. I suggested maybe try and get Chinese students from Surrey University. The noodle bar next door employs a Chinese student.

Off the market I picked up sweetcorn. I cooked one for tea. It was excellent.

Coffee in Surrey Hills Coffee. Sadly the coffee is not as good as when it was Turn Fit Deli and they employed a skilled barista. It also lacks the atmosphere. No cookies.

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