Afternoon in Farnham

cappuccino in Krema

cappuccino in Krema

A dull, cool day.

On my way, I popped into Grasshopper Delicatessen in Aldershot and grabbed a zinger (carrots, apple, orange and ginger).

Sad, this is their last weekend, they close.

Aldershot has been destroyed by a dysfunctional council, and quality businesses like Grasshopper Delicatessen  cannot survive in a dead town.

Bridge over River Wey in Gostrey Meadow, in terrible state of repair. Many of the vertical bars broken. Looks like vandalism. An accident waiting to happen.

Excellent cappuccino in Krema.

In Parrish Church candles lit and prayer cards writ for little William in hospital with an unidentified rash and Mavis who is recovering in hospital from multiple fractures to her shoulder following a fall.

Annoyed to find grass cut in the churchyard. It was the same last year. Why do they not leave as hay meadow, then cut?

I was tempted to walk around Manor Field, but it was dull and cool and rain threatened. I thought best not.

Both fields, Manor Field and Bishop’s Meadow, wonderful hay meadows, as was the riverside walk alongside River Wey.

When I last looked four or five weeks ago, short grass.

As gone five o’clock, I decided upon fish n chips in Traditional Plaice, fish n chip shop in Downing Street. A big mistake, appalling service and the cod and chips was not good.

Quick shop in Waitrose, then hop on the bus.

Next Saturday, last Saturday in June, is Farnham Carnival.

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