Konno Bay


Konno Bay

I visited Konno Bay late afternoon a couple of weeks ago.

We drove down a winding road lined with pine trees and sat at a little bar overlooking the sea.

Today I alighted from a bus and took a path leading down into the bay.

But first, rest on a seat overlooking the bay. breathing in the scent of the  pine trees.

I was very much reminded of Athens or  a Greek island.  Quiet
A pleasant change from the slum of Protaras.

The dusty track narrowed to a rocky track.  Tricky, strong winds trying to blow over the edge.

The path led to Cave of the Cyclop. I passed caves.  Was this it?

A different route back.

This branched.  Either base of a cliff with sheer drop or down to rocks by the sea then back up.

I chose the latter.  But this had a narrow rocky part, with strong winds trying to throw over the edge.

Finally the beach reached.

Beach very crowded.

At far end, water sports with their own wooden jetty.

More like a Greek island than Cyprus.

I learnt they used to have their own sunbeds on the beach until the local council ordered removal and stuck  their own sunbeds on the beach.

It would have been a better deal for the council to let the water sports retain their sunbeds with the proviso they continued to look after the beach.

I walked a little way around the bay, then returned to the bar overlooking the sea.

Rather than climb the path, I took the tree-lined path. 

Halfway down. The path branched off to the left.  A dusty track. 


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