Live music at Q club


Q club live music

Excellent live music at Q club in Protaras in Cyprus.

A duo, female singer, guy on keyboard.

A pity Guru did  their best to drown out with their moronic noise.

I suggested they record an album, place on bandcamp, also that they played at Sirena Bay.

A pleasant change, real live music, not some fake Lady Gaga and other rubbish, or the moronic thud, thud, thud, from Guru.

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4 Responses to “Live music at Q club”

  1. Anthony Lea Says:

    Boy shame the place looks empty.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Q club looks empty, but not, though by no means busy.

    But then nowhere is busy, the tourist industry is collapsing. If it was not for crisis in Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia, there would be even fewer tourists. And the situation is not going to improve until they shut down the crap bars which attract the dregs and outlaw all-inclusive hotels.

    The live music actually drew people in off the street.

    For empty, see Guru, night after night empty.

    But then who bar an idiot, is going to pay extortionate prices for drinks for the privilege to sit on white seats and listen to moronic repetitive music?

    The surpise is Guru is still in businesses. And for this they pay a franchise.

  3. Anthony Lea Says:

    Thanks Keith. It looks like the all inclusive package holidays certainly have something to answer to. when I used to do sunshine holidays part of the fun was going out in the evening and finding somewhere nice to eat and having a pleasant evening. Looks like my choices would be severely restricted now. It is also a vicious circle as people like to be in a place that has some atmosphere and people make this.
    English pubs are suffering in a similar way to cheap supermarket booze.

  4. keithpp Says:

    All-inclusive is destryoying local economies. No money flows into the local economy, no money is recycled within the local economy.

    In Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife, can walk down any street, half the businesses are closed. At night bars close at 11pm. I can often be the only one there. At night the streets are deserted.

    In Cyprus, all-inclusive is having the same impact, empty streets, empty bars and restauarants.

    Another factor is the loss of quality tourists, replaced by the dregs, bars that attract the low life.

    Net result, a downward spiral, a death cycle.

    Loss of pubs in England, main factors are badly run and tied pubs being screwed by pubcos.

    Added to which, dying towns.

    A classic example Aldershot. Decades of bad planning by dysfuctional local council. Net result, boarded-up shops, fast food outlets, gambling joints, binge drinking bars. Those on the street few in number, have no money. Where once working class were well paid, now McShit jobs and pay day loans.

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