Afternoon in Guildford

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle collection Oxfam Bookshop

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle collection Oxfam Bookshop

cappuccino Surrey Hills Coffee

cappuccino Surrey Hills Coffee

Raining since last night, raining all morning, at times very heavy rain.

Even had I got a bus, then train, I would have got soaked walking to the bus stop.

Nothing for it, taxi to the station.

I walk out the door, pull door shut. Then realise I have wrong keys.

Now I am locked out.

River Wey running high, fast, and very muddy.

There has obviously been a lot of rain.

But why, do our water catchment areas not function better? A couple of days of heavy rain and already rivers are muddy, running fast and high. All that mud is soil lost from fields.

Roast pork with all the trimmings at Debenhams.

Lunch good but service appalling.  Tables piled high with dirty dishes.

Then yet more problems.

I arrive back at my table, to find my jacket has gone.

I collar a member of staff.

They have taken my jacket.

I check, mobile yes, money no.

I call Police. Police do not want to know. Even have the gall to complain I have called 999. We will call you back. They fail to do so.

Store manger helpful. Checks CCTV. But blind spot.

I say, I will double check when I get home.

Hardware store. Equip myself with house breaking tools.

Very warm  and muggy. Then sun comes out.

Cappuccino at Surrey Hills Coffee.

Pleasant weather, why do they close at 5pm?

At least three people turned away.

Light nights, pleasant weather, when people have finished work or done their shopping, they want to relax with a cup of coffee.

People are used to being in Europe, many Europeans in Guildford, and yet come late afternoon, all the indie coffee shops are closed.

We need to support an indie coffee culture, but how can we when all the indie coffee shops close early?

Successful house breaking.

And relief to find money at home.

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One Response to “Afternoon in Guildford”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Surrey Police called mid-morning and left a message, then again lunchtime.

    I let them know there was no crime to report.

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