Prague 22 tram

Prague tram 22 00

Prague tram 22

display showing where the tram is located

display showing where the tram is located

standing room only

standing room only

22 tram took me up to Prague Castle.

Novel way of paying. Pay for time not distance.

Ticket has to be bought in advance from a machine.

I only required 30 minutes, but not knowing if the machine gave change, I paid for 90 minutes.

I learnt later, my ticket covered trams, buses and the metro.

I alighted at he right place and wandered in to Prague Castle.

Where I boarded the tram, there was a  wonderful second hand bookshop the other side of the road.

The tram was busy, standing room only.

A video display showed where the tram was.  Also another display announcing next stop.

Unfortunate in Czech only, not Czech and English.

Trams are everywhere, modern trams, old trams and very old trams.

Trams were the first thing I noticed driving in a luxury limousine from the Prague Airport to Old Prague.

They operate in cobbled streets, which may be to keep the gap between the tracks for the wheels. Tarmac would creep.

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