Afternoon in Farnham

riverside walk

riverside walk

What a difference a couple of weeks makes.

Two weeks ago, cold wintry weather. Today like the middle of summer, warm and sunny. We appear to have skipped spring.

A brief detour into Aldershot.

Had I thought of before, I was popping into Grasshopper Delicatessen, I would have taken a jam jar with me. They recycle jam jars, fill with fresh fruit juices.

I ordered a zinger.

Pleasant walk alongside the River Wey.

Lots of people in Gostrey Meadow.

The van serving teas is back. Different girl. I dare say clueless on coffee.

No soup in Krema.

Why is it assumed, hot weather, no one wants soup?

There are summer soups: asparagus, watercress, pea, tomato.

Picked up coffee beans, roasted 27 April by Horsham Coffee Roasters.

Curious, a blend of beans, washed and natural.

Downing Street Deli, taking advantage of the weather, now has seats outside.

I popped in, to to see if any fresh pasta. No, had gone an hour ago.

Man playing the organ in the Parish Church. Rehearsal for an organ recital in the evening.

I walk around Manor Field. Not Bishop’s Meadow. Too far to walk.

As I was standing on the riverbank, a flash of blue, as a kingfisher flew by.

Lion and Lamb Courtyard, large dog sat in shop doorway enjoying the sun.

Front page headline Farnham Herald, ‘Challenge to East St on cards’.

When is the corrupt local council going to recognise, the East Street development is not wanted? Were it to go ahead, it would destroy Farnham.

As if piss poor service in Waitrose is bad enough, appalling stock control too. Today both. No Jersey potatoes.

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