Afternoon in Guildford


deserted farmers market

deserted farmers market

Compared with the wintry weather of late, today a little warmer, and the sun shining.

Due the the relaying of setts, farmers market is in a car park off the town centre, not in its usual location in the High Street

Farmers and other stallholders have seen a dramatic loss in business, the market deserted,and yet they are still being charged as though in the prime location of the High Street.

This is tantamount to fraud by Guildford Borough Council.

apple and fruit juice

apple and fruit juice

To the apple stall. Why not sell your fruit juice and jam in Surrey Hills Coffee?

I would have discussed with Surrey Hills Coffee, only they closed early.

And why is coffee not permitted on the farmers market? Who is applying veto and why?

Double standards at work. Coffee is on sale on the Friday and Saturday street market in North Street.

Cappuccino at Harris + Hoole. Nothing wrong with the coffee, but ambience appalling. No, I do not wish to have a headache through moronic music blasting out. I want to sit and relax, or chat with a friend. Easy to see why they are empty and as a chain racking up huge losses.


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