Intervento in diretta di Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis addressing a Mayday Rally at Taranto in Italy.

The future of the Mediterranean, of Europe, of our Society, will depend upon two things:

  1. Our capacity to combine technology, industry and the environment.
  2. A network of citizen controlled cities eg Barcelona, Valencia, that will cooperate across Europe.

The key is investment is people and green technology.

We have to instigate  a Flatpack  Democacy revolution as happened in Frome in every town hall, then network and cooperate across Europe, share ideas, support each other.

We have to recycle materials, buildings and people.  For example The Hive in Dalston.

For steel industry to survive in Europe, it has to focus on high end products.

We cannot compete with India and China producing mass production, commodity steel.

To move to high end, high quality, requires high information input, which in turns requires investment.

We are not seeing the required investment.

Left wing parties stopped being left wing a long time ago.

We only have to look to the Labour Party under Tony Blair.

Things are changing under Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, but they are being attacked and undermined on a daily basis by embittered Blairites, for whom the mainstream media provides a soapbox.

At all levels of government, must be accountable to the demos, the people.

Countries of southern Europe have been reduced to vassal states of the EU. The polices imposed on these vassal states are impoverishing the people.

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