Criticism of the Israeli government is not anti-Semitism

criticism of the Israeli government is not anti-Semitism

criticism of the Israeli government is not anti-Semitism

When Bernie Sanders attacked Israel and a video of that attack was posted on the internet, the person who posted was subjected to attack by Zionists and labelled anti-Semitic.

Another Angry Voice:

In April 2016 I was accused of having anti-Semitic views after posting a clip of the Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders talking about Israel.

This is the standard knee-jerk reaction of the Jewish lobby, scream anti-Semite and shut down discourse.

Bernie Sanders was not labelled anti-Semitic. Why, because he is a Jew. For Jews who dare criticise Israel there is a special term of abuse, self-hating Jew.

Another Angry Voice:

The sheer irony of getting accused of anti-Semitism by an Israel apologist for daring to share a clip of a Jewish man (Bernie Sanders) criticising Israel’s deadly bombardment of Gaza in 2014 is quite staggering.

When John Pilger produced an excellent documentary on the Israeli-Palestine conflict, he and his team were subjected to a torrent of abuse, coordinated from New York.

It is all par for the course, any criticism Israel is met with a a knee-jerk reaction.

It is therefore no surpise, the smears aimed at Ken Livingstone for daring to mention a historical fact, that Zionists discussed with Adolf Hitler shipping Jews to Palestine to take land that was not theirs.  In the event, the Final Solution proved more expedient.

Ken Livingstone stated simple historical fact, Hitler was in negotiations with Zionists to ship Jews to Israel.

Haavara Agreement: Hitler worked with Zionists to ship Jews to Palestine, to occupy land that was not theirs.

Nazi Palestine medal

Nazi Palestine medal

This was explored further, even  medals were issued.

The British were prepared to ship Jews to Africa.

Israel was created through terrorism, seizure of land that was not theirs.

Hysteria has been whipped up by embittered Blairites and the Jewish Lobby, who have found common course.

Last night, continuing the BBC bias, presenter of the awful Westminster Hour claimed Ken Livingstone had said Hitler was a Zionist. This followed by a LibDem and and Tory to continue the Ken Livingstone smears.

Of course no coincidence, Israel appointed a new Ambassador to London only a few days ago. An ambassador with a reputation as vile as Lynton Crosby advising Zac Goldsmith in London Mayoral elections.

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2 Responses to “Criticism of the Israeli government is not anti-Semitism”

  1. Peter Coulson Says:

    It will be interesting to hear Donald Trump’s view on Israel, America is one of their biggest allies.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Donald Trump gave his view on Israel a week or so ago on Israel in a foreign policy speech.

    It was written for him. He was reading from a script.

    In the main, it was reasonable,

    On Israel. We support Israel.

    If it was not for the oxygen of public given by the mainstream, media, Trump would have sunk without trace.

    Not that the others from the lunatic fringe were any better.

    Ted Cruz spoke of bombing Syria until the sand glowed.

    BBC Radio 4 evening news The World Tonight, usual BBC bias.

    Discussion on could Hilary Clinton (financed by Wall Street) beat Trump.

    No mention of Bernie Sanders, who in opinion polls has better chance of beating Trump.

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