Another retailer pulls out of Aldershot

closing down sale

closing down sale

Yet another retailer, closing down sale, vote of no confidence in Aldershot and the crass policies pursued by the dysfunctional council.

The latest retailer to decide Aldershot has no future is the home furnishing store a little below the derelict M&S store.

Mango Bean next door is up for sale. Though their failure is self-inflicted,  the inability to serve a decent cup of coffee, and it was fairly obvious, once the money ran dry they would be closing. If opening a coffee shop, it does help to know something about coffee.

Since the beginning of the year, the streets of Aldershot have been deserted. Those on the streets have no money in their pockets, what they do have is courtesy of the state or pay day loans.

Look around, three pound shops, all empty. Maybe demand for one, but not three.

The likelihood of any major retailer moving into Aldershot is zilch. Even if they had free rent, they would still lose money.

What we are seeing is the result of decades of bad planning decisions, a council that has no understanding of what constitutes good town centre planning, of how local economies function, the need to recycle money within the local economy.

One and a half million was squandered repaving a couple of streets. Most of this was money poured down the drain.

A lorry bay was retrofitted after the street had been repaved at the back of Poundland. It is the width of a van. There is a failure to enforce parking restrictions.

The council has laid waste to Aldershot. When is it going to admit it got it wrong? When is the imbecile leader of the council going to do the decent thing, apologise and resign? When are local people going to say enough is enough?

Is the dysfunctional local council going to continue laying waste to Aldershot until there is nothing left?

Beginning of the month, the council withdraw funding to TechStart. They closed a couple of weeks ago. Funding has been reinstated for four months, but not before all the wiring had been stripped out. A major job to rewire, that  is why TechStart has not reopened. They should hopefully be open next week.

The Galleries in which TechStart is located is deserted. Instead of berating the developer for the fact it lies empty, we should view it as an opportunity.

Designate The Galleries as ReSpace, open up the units to social enterprises, business start-ups. They would pay no rent, in return, the developer would pay no business rates. The central space could be used for music, exhibitions, theatre, conferences.

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One Response to “Another retailer pulls out of Aldershot”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Even the charity shops are leaving Aldershot

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