Afternoon in Farnham

River Wey

River Wey

An unpleasant cold afternoon in Farnham.

Now possible to walk into Gostrey Meadow via the War Memorial. It is difficult to see how such a small area took three weeks, or even that work needed doing.

No soup in Krema, Barista Lounge and Downing Street Deli French onion soup. Yuk. Made do with cappuccino and a flapjack in Krema.

Sad to see the greengrocer in Downing Street closed. They closed last week after more than a century in business, A pity no one could be found to take it over the business.

The butcher is now selling a very limited range of fruit and vegetables. The deli also has fruit and vegetables but it is difficult to know if for sale or show.

Idiot parked a van in churchyard, outside church door. Blocking footpath, forcing people onto the grass. For the disabled or buggies, no access.

Church doors left wide open letting all the heat out.

The church must clampdown on the idiots who are abusing the church hospitality.

Waitrose must clampdown on the girl on their deli counter. Hair hanging down, pigtails hanging down. If Waitrose cannot resolve, then maybe an environmental health prosecution will help focus minds.

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2 Responses to “Afternoon in Farnham”

  1. Peter Coulson Says:

    I hate that in supermarkets and shops. Also the ones who wear latex gloves, then handle cash with them! Makes it pointless.

    I assume you reported to customer services, who should sort it out?

  2. keithpp Says:

    It was reported to manager or duty manager at least three weeks ago.

    On that occasion, not only pigtails dangling down, but loose hair at the front hanging loose as she bent over cooked meats, hair hanging down within inches of the meat.

    She runs her fingers through her hair.

    Yesterday she was picking and eating.

    Absolutely disgusting behaviour.

    She should have been warned, if behaviour continued, fired.

    There is a competent lady occasionally on the customer desk, but yesterday kids, who are a waste of space. Had the lady been there, I would have asked her to call it through to head office.

    They have been repeatedly warned. It is now no option but to call in Environmental Health.

    I agree on the gloves.

    Wear gloves, and common sense goes out of the window. They then handle everything, wear the dirty gloves all day long.

    I would rather they know to keep their hands clean.

    The other problem in Waitrose, is unskilled staff handling meat, not trained butchers.

    Brute force hacking away at meat with a blunt knife. Sooner or later knife is going to slip and finger hacked off.

    Again they have been repeatedly warned, no action. A matter for HSE.

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