Afternoon in Guildford

River Wey

River Wey

Raining all day.

I would have got wet walking to the station. Caught a bus, then a train. Only bus late, miss train and have to catch next train. An hour later in Guildford than I would have wished.

Debenhams last week very busy, no food left. This week empty and lots of food left.

Roast pork excellent, vegetables would have  been excellent too, if not cold.

Tables dirty, piled up with dirty dishes.

Heavy rain. I stayed and had raspberry cheesecake and a pot of tea.

Cheese guy was not on the market, or if he was he must have relocated.

Surrey Hills Coffee, what was Turn Fit Deli, is now officially open.  Main difference is loss of the lovely glass table, a  few coffee books on the tables, less ultra-modern and minimalist than before.

Table in Waterstone’s piled high with And the weak suffer what they must? Now other books added. Not ideal. I suggested to compliment should have on the table The Global Minotaur, PostCapitalism and This Changes Everything.

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