How the tax man treats small businesses

There warts and all: the warts being my handwriting; all – being my generous donation to HMRC. I actually paid more tax than some companies owned by people that he might know quite well. — Jeremy Corbyn

Today we had infantile comments from Dodgy Dave Cameron relating to Jeremy Corbyn being fined £100 for late tax returns.

Easily done, many do.

Were Google fined for being six years late in paying their tax?

Cameron is totally out of touch with reality. He fails to comprehend  the anger of ordinary people and small businesses, who work hard and pay their taxes.

From The Independent

Following the Panama Papers scandal and Cameron’s subsequent bungled reaction, we saw hundreds protest outside Downing Street calling for the PM’s resignation. Meanwhile, the right-wing media attempted to bite back: the Metro ran a front-page headline on ‘Corbyn the tax dodger’ (referring to the fact that Corbyn paid a £100 fee for filing his tax return five days late, rather than avoiding any tax at all.) The Telegraph ran a story accusing Corbyn of receiving £3 million from the state, also known as his salary for his 33 years’ work as a Member of Parliament. The Sun even tried to suggest that the Labour leader had purposely failed to reveal earnings from a lecture he once delivered. The truth was a little different – as it turns out, Jeremy Corbyn actually paid more tax than he should have.

I mentioned this today to a restaurant owner.

He told me of how he was treated when he was late paying his tax. An oversight not an attempt not to pay.

A visit by an angry tax man, who wanted to strip the restaurant.

He wanted to take the paintings off the wall, which he assumed to be of value. They are, but do not belong to the restaurant, they are on loan.

Then he wanted to take the bottles of wine in a rack by the wall. Not wine, bottles of water. For show. No self-respecting restaurant would store wine where it was warm.

The tax man was asked, as there was a delay in paying the tax due to an oversight, why did he not send a reminder?

The response was he did not have to.

The tax man was told go and harass Starbucks.

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