Monoliths obstructing the public highway



Last year one and a half million pounds was spent repaving Aldershot town centre, plus a few cosmetic changes.

Most of it was money poured down the drain, something the local council excels at, squandering public money.

Although not part of the original plans, a lorry bay was constructed as an afterthought at the back of Poundland. It is the width of a van, when lorries are able to park there, they are obstructing the road. That is when they are able to park there. Cars are parking in the lorry bay.

An example of the appalling waste of public money are the monoliths obstructing pedestrianised areas. They are like the monolith in 2001, but it at least had a purpose, these monoliths exist to bombard passers by with advertising. As if we are not already bombarded with enough advertising to buy consumer junk. One could question what passers by, this is Aldershot, boarded-up shops, deserted streets. Since the beginning of the year, the streets have been deserted, retailers seeing their takings plummet.

The only ray of light in Aldershot, TechStart, located in the dead shopping centre. Recycling of computers, computer repairs, help and advice, a net café. It could have been the basis of a hub, add a social enterprise café, part of the revitalisation of the dying town. But no, the dysfunctional council has pulled its funding. TechStart is due to close at the end of this month,

To put the one and a half million pounds in context, Guildford is relaying the setts in the High Street. This will cost £1 million.

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