Excellent soup and cappuccino in Krema



Excellent tomato soup in Krema. To be precise, tomato and mascarpone cheese, with a hint of paprika.  No skimping on portion size, portion size generous.

I was going to ask for a glass of water. I did not have to, one was brought.

Excellent cappuccino.

I prefer cappuccino without chocolate and cocoa is better than chocolate, but I prefer to be asked.

Chocolate ruins a cappuccino, as does sugar, but in this case,  it did not.

I would have had a flapjack, I would have preferred a cookie, but decided on a walnut and coffee cake. I prefer cake with tea. The cake was excellent too.

As well as coffee from the espresso machine, Krema are experimenting with cold brew coffee.

Would I like to try?

I was brought  a small frosted glass, a cold brewed Kenyan coffee.

To say the least, very unusual, an acquired taste. Nothing like coffee. I expected something bitter. Not so, a fruity taste. Almost like an alcoholic drink without the alcohol.

On my  one and only visit, I was probably a bit hard on the barsita, a little bit miserable and needed to loosen up.

Maybe he had a hard day, maybe not the friendly type.

Not so today, went out of his way to be helpful, explain the coffee, the soup, the cake.

I would rather people were themselves than the plastic smile in a chain.

With excellent coffee available, someone knowledgeable on coffee, it begs the question of why anyone drinks the disgusting coffee in Caffe Nero, Costa or tax dodging Starbucks?

Though I would add, Krema is always packed, Starbucks near empty.

Maybe word is getting out.

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