Afternoon in Guildford

Town Bridge

Town Bridge

A cold Friday afternoon in Guildford

I looked in Debenhams. Their restaurant was like Tuesday, heaving, no food left.

Lunch at the noodle bar next to the Thai Restaurant in Jeffries passage. Everything freshly prepared. Fine if you like noodles, but I am no great fan of noodles.

A Chinese girl shared her tea with me.

One kindness deserves another, I invited her for a coffee.

But first the cheese stall on the market. I had tried a cheese last week. Wonderful creamy taste. That was the one I picked.

My new found Chinese friend does not like cheese. I suggested try what I am having. She tried, and liked.

My new found Chinese friend does not like coffee either.

Turn Fit Deli no more. Now Surrey Hills Coffee.

Turn Fit Deli has morphed into Turn Fit Studio to be found in Bridge Street.

Surrey Hills Coffee has not yet opened. They are a coffee roaster. The opportunity arose to take over Turn Fit Deli and have an outlet for their coffee. They were already the supplier to Turn Fit Deli.

I explained to my new found Chinese friend, the reason she did not like coffee, she said it had an unpleasant bitter taste, was because she had only tried bad coffee. In Caffe Nero, Costa or tax dodging Starbucks it will always be bad coffee, poor quality beans, long past their best, clueless on coffee. .

I explained Surrey Hills Coffee had not yet opened, but that we could get a coffee. I did not know what it would be like, as I had not yet tried.

Chris suggested she had a flat white (or was it a latte), I had a cappuccino.

What did she think?

She liked it.

I let her try my cappuccino.

She liked that too.

Whilst we were there, a constant flow of people wanting a coffee. Even people walking in, see a wait, and walking back out. And they had not yet officially opened.

Nothing chalked up. I suggested, ask what you want and that is what will be served.

There is a selection of coffee beans to buy, roasted by Surrey Hills Coffee in their coffee roastery in the Surrey Hills

In the summer, I will show them how to make freddo cappuccino.

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