Afternoon in Guildford

Friday very much like Good Friday a week ago, a lovely sunny day, though cold in the shade and a chill wind blowing.

I had looked forward to lunch at Turn Fit Deli, not only No 1 coffee shop, but also No 1 for lunch.

No food, a hiccup in the supply chain.

Lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage. Lunch always good, but I rarely eat there, as lunch is spoilt by the surly staff. Not though a problem when the owner is there.

Something going very wrong with Oxfam. Not for the first time, I find one of their shops not open. Staff shortages. Last time this happened, I found spare staff in another of their shops. Poor management.

cheese stall Guildford market

cheese stall Guildford market

Winchester has an excellent cheese stall on their Wednesday street food market. Even worth a trip to Winchester.

I was pleased to find there is now an excellent cheese stall on the Friday market in North Street in Guildford. The man very knowledgeable on his cheeses. I tasted a few and they were excellent.  I bought Lincolnshire Poacher.

Located at the top of the market, next to or nearby an excellent fruit and vegetable stall.

Cyprus pototoes

Cyprus potatoes

On the fruit and vegetable market, something I have not seen for several years, potatoes from Cyprus. They were displaced by Egyptian potatoes, which also no longer see, then Jersey and English new potatoes appeared earlier, thus no market.

Cheese stall and fruit and vegetable stall, two good reasons to visit Guildford on a Friday.

Cappuccino at Turn Fit Deli.

Tea later, sandwich of wholemeal bread, Lincolnshire Poacher cheese with tomato, followed by the unusual flapjack which I had only nibbled with my coffee at Turn Fit Deli.

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