Afternoon in Farnham

willows coming into leaf

willows coming into leaf

What a difference a week makes.

Easter Saturday, cold and wet, a week on pleasant and sunny, though later it turned cold and wet.

Willows starting to come into leaf.

cowboy contractors cutting paving slabs

cowboy contractors cutting paving slabs

A walk along the Riverside Walk beside to River Wey, but not possible to access Gostrey Meadow, paving slabs being relaid by War Memorial.

Did this work need doing? I have never had a problem. And does it take three weeks?

Cowboys doing the work, no damping down, a cloud of dust. These cowboy contractors cutting paving slabs should face criminal prosecution for health and safety violations.

No directions.

I headed down a side street, out by William Cobbett, across the River Wey.

Road works both sides of the road, forcing people into the road. Why not work on one side, then the other side?

Barista Lounge

Barista Lounge

In February,  I noticed two new coffee shops had opened in Downing Street. I tried Krema a few weeks ago, now it was the turn of Barista Lounge.

I tried Barista Lounge.Easter Saturday. Cappuccino made by the owner was excellent, he knows about coffee. One week later, cappuccino made by a member of staff. It was disgusting, undrinkable.  I walked out leaving it. I should have complained and refused to pay.

greengrocer in Downing Street

greengrocer in Downing Street

Not all good news in Downing Street. Easter Saturday, I learnt the long established greengrocer is closing end of April.

Waterstone’s kindly ordered latest book by Yanis Varoufkakis, And the weak suffer what they must?, to be collected Waterstone’s Guildford. Monday morning a text to say awaiting my collection. It is not published until Thursday.

Piss-poor service in Waitrose, long queues at check out. When people pay premium prices they expect service.

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2 Responses to “Afternoon in Farnham”

  1. Peter Coulson Says:

    No surprise the greengrocer is closing, he was always very miserable. In a recent competition for Farnham photographs, an excellent image of his shop was a finalist, but he wouldn’t let it be published.

  2. keithpp Says:

    I do not know why the greengrocer is closing.

    In the last couple of years, Downing Street has been collapsing.

    This always was a quality greengrocer, but of late often poor quality.

    I have no idea what photo competition, and no, he could not stop from being published, he has no copyright claim.

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