Charles Bridge Museum Café

Charles Bridge Museum Café

Charles Bridge Museum Café





A lovely little coffee shop within the museum on the Prague Old Town side of Charles Bridge.

Cappuccino was passable, but served in a cold mug. Cake was fine. Ambience fine.

But 20 crown to use the toilet. That is around a euro. A blatant rip-off.

I bent the ear of the guy serving the coffee, as did several girls who also wished to use the toilet.

He said it was not his fault, which is fair comment, and to his credit, he knocked 20 crown off my bill.

On my way out, I thought I would inquire how much to visit the museum. After about five minutes wait, I gave up.

I saw one of the sailors touting boat trips and asked him.

He said inquire. I said I tried, and there was no information anywhere. He said he thought 175 crowns, but recommended go on a boat trip for I think he said 275 crowns and the museum was free.

Sadly the charge to use the toilet, being ignored when inquiring of entrance fee to the museum, is all too typical of poor service and rip-off tourist mentality that is all too prevalent in Prague.

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