Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

Construction of Charles Bridge (Karlův most) started in 1357, so named because built in the reign of Charles IV, connects Prague Old Town to Prague Castle. It was completed in 1402.

Either side of the bridge is lined by saints.

Either end of the bridge are Bridge Towers.

On the bridge people touting their wares, musicians.

Bridge Band and Electroshock are very good.  Their CDs a must to buy. Or so I thought. Buying CDs off the street always a risk. On later listening, I sadly found something of a disappointment.

Bridge Band were selling CDs like hot cakes. But then they were good.

Electroshock need to improve their repertoire.

Charles Bridge early hours of the morning

Charles Bridge early hours of the morning

During the day, the bridge is very crowded.  Early hours of the morning the bridge is deserted.

The bridge is pedestrianised.

Old photos of Charles Bridge show trams running across the bridge.

One of the best views of the bridge is at night from the downstream bridge, with stunning views of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.

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