Ham roasting on a spit

Easter Market stall ...

Easter Market stall …

... ham roasting on a spit

… ham roasting on a spit

Easter Market in Prague, sheds everywhere selling overpriced tourist tat.

Quite common, a ham roasting on  a spit.

It looked reasonable, 70 maybe 90 crowns for 100 grams.

Yes please.

The man carved off the ham, piled up my plate. Far more than I would ever wish to eat.

I said no. He insisted it was small portion.

I should have told him where to stuff it, and walked away.

But no, like  a fool I paid, even though it was well over ten euros.

It was poor quality ham, served with two slices of poor quality bread, and it was not even hot it was cold.

It was not roasting over logs that have burnt down to red hot embers, it was firewood with yellow flames, looks good, but is not roasting the ham.

A blatant tourist rip-off.

The stall did not have a name, simply what they were selling.

I left the ham uneaten.

We were outside St Nicolas Church. I saw a lady begging. I would have taken her my ham, but it had already been cleared away.

Later, I called in on the tourist information office, and asked could I file a complaint. They said yes, took details and sent an e-mail to the Town Hall.

They told me had I gone in a shop, I would have found this ham at 30 crowns per 100 grams.

They were aware of the tourist rip-offs that were taking place and that it was giving the city a bad name.


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