A cold afternoon in Farnham

Krema Artisan Coffee House

Krema Artisan Coffee House

Sunny, but very cold.

River Wey running fast.

When I was last in Farnham some weeks ago, I noticed two new coffee shops in Downing Street. I looked in, but that was as far as I got, no time for a coffee. I did though notice they were both very busy. Next time, try the coffee.

Saturday I was in Farnham by early afternoon.

I decided to try Krema, the grey looking one, formerly a tea shop, opposite the greengrocer.

Stripped to bare brick walls, chalk boards, cakes (though no cookies), solid wooden tables, old school chairs, a little crowded, coffee sourced from Horsham coffee rasters, bags of coffee for sale, even showed roast date.

No problem with the coffee. Not gold standard, but certainly good.

The soup, pea and spinach and mint, was excellent. Generous portion size.

A very twee toilet.

The one thing I did not like, the so-called artisan bread served with the soup. Far batter bread can be had than this.

I cannot see Loaf surviving with the rubbish tea and coffee they serve. Though they are a bread shop, not a coffee shop.

The new deli that should have opened weeks ago, has still not opened.

I wanted Brida. I could not find in Waterstone’s. I asked. It was on the shelf, I could not see for looking. I was shocked though to find the price had gone up by a pound. Now £8-99 not £7-99.

A palaver in Waitrose

I noticed their chilled roast potatoes were going brown. A batch problem, as they were all like it. I picked the best I could find. I alerted the check out girl that they may have a problem. Along came a bossy woman, who took them off me. She called the produce manager. He claimed there was not a problem, that they are always like this. They are not. They then wanted me to waste half an hour whilst they filled out forms.

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