concierto música clásica en Abaco

OpenArt Ensemble:

  • violin — Natalia Trushyna  — Russian
  • piano — Sophia Unsworth — English
  • contrabajo (double bass) — Alessandro Barattini

The first half (there was no interval) was the same tired old boring stuff, played by bored musicians to a bored audience, but oh what a difference the second half beginning with De Tal Palo by Frederico (introduced by Natalia as first time played in Tenerife), the musicians came to life, as did the audience.

Abaco need to give serious consideration to not having the same tired old boring musicians playing the same tired old boring stuff.  OpenArt Ensemble a rare exception.

But shock horror, the salon has been destroyed. An ugly two foot high stage has been erected, covering about a third of the lovely wooden floor, modern lghting in the ceiling. The audience, of informal groups, with the artists within their midst, now in seried ranks before a stage. It is a tragedy the saloon has been destroyed in this way.

I talked to the two girls. But why does no one recognise, long gone are the days, aloof musicians play, then vanish? They should remain and talk.

THis would be an excellnt venue for Jewelia, that is if they removed the ghastly stage.

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