El Rastro en el Mercado

El Rastro en el Mercado

El Rastro en el Mercado



Todos los Sábados.

Every Saturday

Ground floor and top floor of Municpal Market.

Mainly junk, but you can find everything: books, clothes, antiques, jewelry, knives, watches, honey, clothes …

Most is cheap rubbish, but can find Rolex and Omega watches (and fakes), old cameras.

First floor is food, mainly fruit and vegetables, including organic, but also fish and meat.

Like last Saturday, raining, but unlike last Saturday, not heavy torrential rain. The rain meant not as busy, but still very busy. The food stalls, as always very busy.

I decided to have  a massage. Lower back, where I was in bad pain, could feel nothing. My shoulders, OMG, the pain. It was as though knives being stuck in me. I asked afterwards. She said problem around my shoulders and that may be causing the problem lower down.

If I have a massage, I can tell where the problem. Muscles are hard. But I have never experienced pain of today.

I am feeling a little better.

Next Saturday, the Anglican Church has a market. Not as good as this market, and they have the gall to charge 1 euro entrance.

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