sopa y café en Selma y Lovisa

Selma y Lovisa

Selma y Lovisa

Leek and potato soup bore no resemblance to leek and potato soup, nevertheless was excellent.  Served with a rather stange doughy bread, which also was excellent. Both must be Swedish or Scandinavian variants.

As it was heavy rain, I decided to stay and have a cappuccino and a cookie.  The cookie looked good, but was not, a layer of fat on the bottom. The cappuccino was vile, served scalding hot and undrinkable.

Nicely laid out, but not a pleasant atmosphere.  Awful loud music playing, ignorant female shouting on a phone. Instead of being able to relax, I left with a blinding headache.

Selma y Louisa is located in old part of Puerto de la Cruz.


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One Response to “sopa y café en Selma y Lovisa”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Following day, no awful female shouting on her mobile phone, music not so loud, excellent tomato soup.

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