café en Agora





Cappuccino y barraquito en Agora.

Barraquito es un café típico de Canarias.

Zapercocco es barraquito con alcohol.

Cappuccino in Agora is so so, not good, not bad, certainly not disgusting and undrinkable cf Costa.  But a pity not better.

Agora is  a quiet bar, located in a quiet plaza. A pleasant change from typical bars, loud music, widescreen TV, and noisy locals.

Wednesday is idiomas cambio,

Agora serve La Alambra, a superior beer. Excellent cakes.

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2 Responses to “café en Agora”

  1. ju Says:

    AGORA is a great place, a nice corner to enjoy a coffee with nice music and people…and surrounded by art wherever u look

  2. keithpp Says:

    Julia, I could not agree more, Agora is a lovely place, in a quiet plaza, it puts to shame the awful bars in Puerto de la Cruz, awful loud music, widescreeen TV, ignorant locals shouting. The only problem the coffee is not good.

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