EHIC fiasco



EHIC, or what was E111 card, is a card that in theory entitles to free health care when travelling in Europe. In practice you may found it is not accepted and have to pay or rely upon travel insurance.

My EHIC requires renewal, it expired in January.

I call the number on the card. I get a robot. I wanted a human, I got a robot.

Sometimes it is yes or no, sometimes say what I want, sometimes press a number.

Date of birth a problem, eventually get around that.

Message tells me have to hand National Insurance Number or NHS number. I am asked for EHIC number.

So far so good, until my address.

Robot fails to understand my address. My address could not be simpler.

Several attempts, the robots gets it wrong each time, then passes me to a human. It passes me to a dead line.

I try again. This time I ask the robot for more options. One option is a human. Once again robot passes me to a dead line. I am cut off.

I try their website.

Although I use a password using the mix of characters specified, it fails as non-compliant. We go through this several times. Eventually it accepts my password.

Now, e-mail to be sent to confirm.

No e-mail sent. Several hours later no e-mail recieved.

A QR code is shown, to download EHIC app. I try this. I scan with Kaspersky QR scanner. The link it provides is not valid.

I again try calling. Same problem with robot. It cannot understand my addresses, offers to pass me to a human. Passes me to a dead line, then I am cut off.

I try downloading the EHIC app from Google play. Why does it require access to my photos?

App downloaded and installed and opened. It then starts downloading data. I have never known this happen before. What is this data, nearly 12Mb of data, far larger than the app itself? Data download restarts. Error message, data corrupt, contact developer. I try one more time. Data downloads, all systems go. It beggars belief, all the app does is send me back to the webpage where I started.

The only use for the app would be to apply for or renew EHIC, to display once obtained. These are the very things it does not do.

In the meantime, I send a message to EHIC via facebook. I detail the problems, ask that they call me or e-mail me. They say they reply within the hour. They do not. A reply a couple of hours later. I am told to look in a junk folder as that is where it will be. I had already told them no e-mail received. They do not call me back as I had requested.

Warning: There are a lot of bogus websites that charge for obtaining EHIC. It sis free.

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2 Responses to “EHIC fiasco”

  1. Peter Coulson Says:

    It’s all academic. Travellers should have travel insurance, anyway.

  2. keithpp Says:

    To travel within EU, it is an EU requirement to have travel insurance.

    To have EHIC is not academic. It grants you access to health, to medicine.

    Often posed the question, how are you going to pay, show EHIC, pay cash, show travel insurance?

    Also have to show ID.

    Travel insurance may have up front costs, hassle getting paid.

    Only England is lax to allow flithy Nepalese parasites to freeload and engage in blatant abuse of the system.

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