Lunch and afternoon coffee at Turn Fit Deli

cappuccino at Turn Fit Deli

cappuccino at Turn Fit Deli

Excellent lunch at Turn Fit Deli. Vegetarian, or was it vegan, Shepherd’s Pie. It sounded disgusting. It bore absolutely no resemblance to shepherd’s pie. A vegetable casserole or stew, mushrooms, maybe carrots, I do do not know what else, served with rice. It was very tasty.  I would though prefer to have served on a plate or in a bowl, not in a paper pot.

I popped back later and had a cappuccino and cookie. Cappuccino excellent, but then I expect no better from what is now the No 1 coffee spot in Guildford.

Cappuccino served in cups not paper takeaway, though no saucers.

I stayed long after closing. It had been cold all afternoon, now it was raining.

Turn Fit Deli is highly recommended for both lunch and afternoon coffee.


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2 Responses to “Lunch and afternoon coffee at Turn Fit Deli”

  1. misakouroco Says:

    I hope they would change a paper pot to something re-usable, though the vegetarian/vegan shepherd pie sounds interesting, indeed 🙂 The cappuccino look lovely.

  2. keithpp Says:

    The paper pot is actually good for takeaway, as can be composted or recycled, cf polystyrene. They also use paper for the takeaway coffee. And they have wooden forks and knives (or maybe it was spoons), which is far better than plastic, though it is possible to obtain cellulose, plant-based plastic.

    But for eating in, it would be far nicer to have a ceramic plate or bowl.

    I was actually quite privileged to have the china cups rather than paper, as far better for drinking coffee (but no saucers).

    Their food is excellent, this is the second time I have had lunch. I had lunch a few days before Christmas, and that was excellent too.

    They buy in quality coffee beans and employ one of the best baristas in the country, hence excellent for coffee.

    They only opened last December.

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