The Phone Co-op appalling service

free sim card from The Phone Co-op

free sim card from The Phone Co-op

Not knowing, if Three would be working, during the day, a voucher for both Three and The Phone Co-op.

No problem with voucher for Three, but The Phone Co-op big problem.

No one has heard of The Phone Co-op.

Co-op Mobile? I assume so and say yes.

With Three voucher from PayPoint, large typeface, code the numbers in blocks of four. One reason why I do not top up in a supermarket, printed out on till receipt, illegible,  tiny typeface, 16 digits in a row, nigh impossible to type in without making a mistake.

Where is the code? I see no large numbers in blocks of four.

Guy in the shop looks, points to tiny type face, no separation into blocks of four.

I query this, why is it not like Three? Guy says it is the phone company, not PayPoint.

Whilst in Waitrose drinking my free coffee, I dial 1250.

  1. check balance
  2. top up with voucher —> type in the digits, followed by a hash
  3. top up with credit or debit card

I type in the numbers. It fails, incorrect code. I try three times, each time it fails, incorrect code.

No option for help.

On the bus I scroll through a long text message, received when the sim card was registered, and find I can dial 500 for help.

Why was this not on the PayPoint voucher? Why is their no option for help on 1250?

I call 500. I try several times. All I get is a dead line.

I try option 3, credit or debit card. This works, but why 1 for £10, 2 for £20? Why not 10 for ten pounds, 20 for twenty pounds?

Now I have a problem. I want to buy a data bundle, but how? If I use data, I will be charged some extortionate charge.

A confirmation text is sent. I click on it. It takes me to what appears to be a scam, a site selling Chinese website addresses.

I try 500 later. This time I get someone. He tells me no mobile help, they went home at three. I ask what is he, if it is a helpline. Landlines and broadband.

I ask what are the data bundles? He tells me 500MB £5, 1GB £7-50.

This is taking the piss.

During a previous call, I asked why are they selling FairPhone II, a 4G phone when they are only offering a 3G sim. The person I spoke with, could not grasp the logic of my question.

I asked when was their mobile support. Try Monday. It is Saturday.  No one available after three o’clock.  No one available on Sunday. Try Monday.

I need access to the internet, with great reluctance I decide to buy 1GB at £7-50. It is not possible to do on the phone with a link. Nor can I do it when I go to their website. I have to send a text to 1250 with BUNDLE DATA 1000. I receive no confirmation text.

I try connecting.

It is slow, unbelievably slow. I thought Three was slow, this makes Three look fast.

Although nothing to indicate I had received a text, when I check later, I find I have a text. I also find, I have spent over a pound, in addition to the rip-off £7-50 for data. Where did this go? I assume extortionate data costs before I bought the bundle, and that was only accessing to discover how to purchase the bundle to avoid such cost. No calls have been made, other than 500 for help, no texts sent.

This was Saturday. Sunday, I found data was somewhat faster but taking long time to connect.

The Phone Co-op is giving co-ops a bad name. They really need to get their act together.


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