Cold wet afternoon in Farnham

riverside walk

riverside walk

Gostrey Meadow

Gostrey Meadow

Saturday a very cold wet afternoon in Farnham. Cold wind blowing, then it rained.

Half an hour wait for a bus to Aldershot, a bus service that allegedly runs every ten minutes.

Bus to Farnham at least 15 mutes late.

Walk along the riverside walk, through to Gostrey Meadow and up into Downing Street.

A row of crocuses along the river bank. Early? I have never seen before. Maybe only recently planted. Very bad how they have been planted. It would have been better to have walked along, thrown into the air, planted where they landed. It would have looked far more natural.

Crossing the road from riverside walk to Gostrey Meadow, white lines recently painted telling motorists not to obstruct. Why not a crossing, as cries out for a crossing? As does from Gostrey Meadow into Downing Street.

Last year, one by one, shops have been closing in Downing Street, making Downing Street look very desolate, leading to the eventual collapse of Downing Street. Each time a shop closes, one less reason to visit.

Krema Artisan Coffee House

Krema Artisan Coffee House

Barista Lounge 00

Barista Lounge

It was therefore a pleasant surprise to find, not one, but two quality coffee shops have opened, Krema Artisan Coffee House and Barista Lounge. Not only opened but very busy.  Two coffee shops to look forward to trying on a future visit. Both previously were failed tea shops.

Krema Artisan Coffee House serves Horsham Coffee, beans from a quality roaster.

A Deli is about to open, in what was the photographic shop.

But the fashion shop has finally closed.

The greengrocer was very busy. Coffee shops bringing in extra trade?

I cannot see Loaf surviving. They serve neither quality tea nor coffee.

Yellow flashes have appeared on the curbs in Downing Street. According to local businesses overnight and all around the town. I can see why, as idiots park in the street, blocking the traffic. The local businesses are very angry, as they cannot load or unload. It is illustrative of the failure of the local council. There has been no consulation. No notices in the street, no notices to local businesses in the street. It is not for the local council to dictate what happens in the town. It is for local businesses, townsfolk and visitors to decide what is best.

In the churchyard, snowdrops in flower. Sadly in clumps. It would have been better if randomly scattered as looks natural.

In the Parish Church, Farnham Youth Choir practising. They were surprisingly very good.

Tax-dodging Starbucks, in contrast with the indie coffee shops in Downing Street, was empty.

In Waitrose, once again I notice they are struggling with a blunt knife on the cooked meat counter. At the checkout, the girl quite literally pocketed the change. I advised the helpful lady on information, that they have a potential problem, but did not say which girl.

Does Stagecoach hate passengers? On the bus to Farnham, no timetable. Not knowing bus times, and not wishing to have a long wait in the cold and wet, I sat in Waitrose drinking coffee and caught the 1847 bus. It was cold and wet, I would have caught an earlier bus, had I a timetable.

At Aldershot, just missed the 1900 bus, next bus 1915. Odd, I thought every twenty minutes, therefore should be 1920. Maybe display wrong. Bus turned up at 1914. I asked the man waiting, did he miss the 1900. To learn, timetable had changed, now 1855, then 1915. He said in the week no change. Why change Saturday? Why no notice on the bus advising of timetable change? Why no new timetables on the bus?

The bus from Farnham changed sometime last year, running five minutes later. Meaning I was always lucky if I caught the bus from Aldershot, as bus from Farnham arrives at same time the Aldershot bus leaves. Now with the bus from Aldershot leaving five minutes earlier, I am guaranteed to miss.


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2 Responses to “Cold wet afternoon in Farnham”

  1. Peter Coulson Says:

    I didn’t realise Farnham Photo Video has closed, that was a good shop with pleasant, knowledgable staff. Always had decent stock in there, unlike the messy shop in Farnborough – I’m amazed how they manage to stay open. Bought a great pair of IS binoculars in the Farnham shop a while ago, and better price than Amazon, too.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Farnham shop closed sometime last summer.

    It was not a very good shop. When I looked in, very poor stock, but that could be because they were running down stock prior to closure.

    Camera shop in Farnborough is on suspended death sentence. Firgrove Parade has planning permission for demolition and redevelopment.

    London Camera Exchange in Guildford is very good.

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