Lunch at Age Concern

roast gammon, potatoes and vegetables

roast gammon, potatoes and vegetables

Too late for lunch at the County, probably too late for lunch most places, just slipped in under the bar at a minute before two.

I had noticed at 11-30, the place was packed. I thought late morning coffee. I guess were waiting for lunch.

I also noticed many were using laptops, tablets and phones.

Last portions of roast gammon and steak and kidney and chicken casserole, served with mash and roast potatoes, carrots and broad beans.

Just managed to extract three bowls of leak and potato soup. Freshly made, bore no resemblance to any leak and potato soup I have ever tasted, very spicy.  Served with a bread roll and butter.

The roast gammon was not what I expected, served with a sauce. The casserole served with gravy. Both were excellent and very tasty. The vegetables and potatoes were past their best, but then we were late.

For dessert, coconut tart or rice pudding. Filling, but stodgy desserts are not my favourites. I prefer a more delicate dessert. Coconut tart was served with custard.

A pot of tea was extra, all of 90p for two people.

A three course meal, £6-50. Excellent value, especially considering excellent quality and not stingy on the portion size.

The meals were served to the table. I expected as it seemed cafeteria style, to have to get it yourself.

Free wifi.  No password or user name, a QR code on a poster.

I queried this. I said would not be better, to also list the user name and password, as most people would not have  a clue what it was or how to use. Password I obtained and used.

I now realise I was wrong. By using the QR code, you are forced to ask. You then learn something new, about using a QR code.  And for those who do not know, what a QR code is.

I tried taking a picture, then assumed something would happen. Nothing did. I asked. You have to download a bar code scanner. For which I needed access anyway.

Once I had access, I searched for QR scanners. Which to pick. As I scrolled down, I found Kapersky, a name I know, and that I chose.

I was pleased I did. It scans for bad downloads. Also, all you have to do is point at the image, it locates, activates and there was details of the wifi, already connected.

I mentioned it to the helpful young man. He was suitably impressed.

And as a beneficial side effect, I noticed Avira virus scanner, had scanned the app to ensure was safe.  I recommended he installed Avira virus scanner, Avira optimiser and CClean.

Pleasantly laid out.

People friendly, everyone willing to stop and have a chat, say hello.

I also noticed  a lot of activities going on.  Even one-to-one computer sessions, bring along your tablet, phone or laptop.

I suggested they brought the board in when lunch was finished, put serving times on the board, and anything finished, wipe off the board. Regulars would know the serving times, infrequent visitors not.


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