Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma Coffee Shop



Excellent cappuccino at Coffee Aroma Coffee Shop.  Served as a couple of days ago, water, cappuccino and a cup of espresso. I should have said, I did not wish for the espresso. As before, a division of labour, one brews the coffee, the other pours and does the artwork.

Interesting conversation with the man who squeezed in behind me. Not much room downstairs. I said try upstairs. He said he had, and was packed out.  Whilst I was there, a queue for coffee.

One of the signs of a good coffee shop, not only excellent coffee, but interesting conversation.

Has Bean Coffee

Has Bean Coffee

I noticed they also sell the beans, will grind if asked. No do not ask, grind as and when required, and seek advice on how to grind.

Beans are sourced from Has Bean Coffee. Not a very good choice of name.

Northern Independent Coffee Guide

Northern Independent Coffee Guide

I picked up a copy of Northern Independent Coffee Guide.  I assume on sale as mentions Coffee Aroma Coffee House, though no mention of Stokes, either as a coffee shop or as coffee roasters, which is a noticeable omission.

Coffee drinkers in Lincoln are very fortunate, a wide range of indie coffee shops and tea shops, serving quality coffees and teas, Stokes on High Bridge, Coffee Aroma and many others.  Begs the question, why anyone drinks the disgusting coffee-in-name-only served by Costa, Caffe Nero and tax-dodging Starbucks?

Big question mark on Tripdvisor. I would expect Stokes on High Bridge and Coffee Aroma to share the top two positions, Pimento Tea Rooms third (top place for tea), but they do not.

A few years ago, TripAdvisor was useful, but when you have people who drink at Costa, eat at McDonald’s, then it becomes meaningless.

Coffee Aroma Coffee House is located off the High Street below The Stonebow in the centre of Lincoln.



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2 Responses to “Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma Coffee Shop”

  1. misakouroco Says:

    The table outside looks fantastic on a warm sunny day, too 🙂 Agree on the quality of reviews on Tripadvisor… sadly.

  2. Peter Coulson Says:

    “Indy Coffee Venues”?

    Independent/Indypendent – what???

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