The Laptop Shop

This afternoon a visit to Springbok Computers, the laptop shop.

Refurbished laptops and desktops for sale up and running with Windows 7. I do not know if they come with Open Office installed, but I am sure they would install if asked.

Not that I was in the market for a refurbished machine. They also do repairs.

My laptop was running hot, very hot. I hate to think how hot the processor was, as externally was burning hot, too hot to touch.

I knew what the problem was, ingestion of dust, maybe the fan needed lubricating, maybe it needed a new fan.

I had tried to dismantle, but had not got very far. Best take in for a service.

I was pleased I did not dismantle. To get at the fan, the entire machine had to be dismantled. Luckily it was in safe hands.

I assumed the fan drew air in through a vent, through the laptop, blowing over the processor, possibly with a massive heat sink.

I was wrong, the fan self-contained, a massive copper heat conductor draws the heat away from the main processor and from what I assumed to be the graphics processor, to the fan.

No sign of any dust or dirt, apart from what could easily have been dismissed as a felt gasket, maybe a millimetre in thickness, around the fan. That was all that it took to block the flow of air and for the machine to run red hot.  The fan was spun, ran freely. No need for a new fan.

Thermal conductive paste applied between processor and the copper, and put back together again.

Machine turned on, and it worked.

Next task, upgrade memory from 6 GB to 8 GB.

This was done, memory recognised by the BIOS and yet not recognised by Windows 7.

From new, cool air flowed out of the laptop.  After running for several hours, warm air flowing out, also running near silent, not a high pitched whistle.

Prior to taking it in, a couple of days ago antivirus software run, and today CCleaner and Anti-Malware software.

The machine should now run much faster. To prevent the processor melting, the temperature is monitored and it slows down when overheating.

There are are very few people I would trust to go anywhere near my laptop.  Springbok Computers is one of those rare exceptions.

Springbok Computers is located off the High Street below The Stonebow in the centre of Lincoln.

Nearby is Coffee Aroma Coffee House. A takeaway coffee was a must.


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3 Responses to “The Laptop Shop”

  1. Peter Coulson Says:

    Moving parts are always a problem. The less you can have, the better. Avoid spinning drives, fans, optical drives. All unecessary now, thankfully. Less power, too, so longer battery life.

  2. keithpp Says:

    The spinning part was not the problem, the accumulation of dust was.

    If not spinning, processor would melt.

    AMD processors used to literally burn through the board.

    Fans are not a problem. and energy use would be minimal compared with processors and screen

    In many ways, a surprise my quad core tablet does not run hot.

    Octo-core processor mobile phones run hot.

  3. Peter Coulson Says:

    Better just to dissipate heat through a heatsink, or the case. After all, that’s what’s done with tablets. Less things to go wrong! Many laptops already do this and are fully solid state.

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