TalkTalk hit by yet another scandal

Would you trust TalkTalk with your personal data?

Would you trust TalkTalk with your personal data?

Scandal hit TalkTalk has been hit by yet another scandal.

With its piss-poor performance, hammered by customer complaints, hit by scandal after scandal, it is a wonder TalkTalk has any customers left

End of last it was hit by a hacking scandal. Customers should have been immediately notified and warned, prompt compensation paid, but no Talk Talk would rather take its customers for a ride, and of course take their money.

If you get a call from someone claiming to be from TalkTalk, if it seems plausible because they have your account details, are you to blame if the  fraudsters who scam money off you?

According to TalkTalk, it is their customer who is at fault.

Long before this hack, TalkTalks customers have complained of scams and spam.

TalkTalk never released details of the hack, and it was not the first time.

Now questions are being raised, was it a hack or was it TalkTalk careless with customer data, lack security?

If you entrust your personal data, including bank account details to a British company, you expect that data to be held securely, to be encrypted. Not if held by TalkTalk. Personal data was handed to an India call centre. Were customers told their data would be shipped overseas, was their permission sought?

Now, according to a Channel 4 News investigation, people working at the call centre have been stealing this data, copying it onto a usb memory stick, selling to criminals, then getting a cut of the proceeds.

The call centre is Wipro.  TalkTalk is not their only UK customer. Three use an Indian call centre (idiots reading from scripts). Is Three using the same India call centre as TalkTalk?

The sensible thing for any TalkTalk customer would be to walk. But if they do, they will be penalised for doing so.


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