Fleeting visit to Lincoln

Moonraker Floating Tearoom

Moonraker Floating Tearoom

Milder than of late, but feeling very cold due to wind chill, the remnants of the storm that dropped a load of snow on US East Coast last weekend.

A quick look in Sincil Street, the market, and that was it.

The Central Market is a pale shadow of its former self, few stalls, and most of them selling rubbish.  The rare exception is a wholefood stall

There is a board in the market telling passers by of how the Lincoln City Council supports the market. If this is support, I hate to think what would happen were the local council be intentionally destroying the market. Only the reality, is that it is. One only has to look what is happening at the southern end of Sincil Street.

The local council in bed with the dysfunctional Lincoln Co-op, is wishing to demolish and buld an unwanted shopping mall. Does Lincoln really need an idenikit shopping mall with the same crap chains as everywhere else?

As a result, Sincil Street is blighted, boarded up shops.

Prior to planing blight, Sincil Street from 10 am to 4pm was a busy thoroughfare, busier than the High Street, which contains, with the exception of Stokes on High Bridge, the same tacky chains found in every Clone Town.

And why was Sincil Street busy? An old street, old buildings, full of quirky indie shops.


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2 Responses to “Fleeting visit to Lincoln”

  1. Peter Coulson Says:

    Hope the storm didn’t bring floods to you like it did elsewhere.

  2. keithpp Says:

    No, no floods, but then I was not aware of problems anywhere, apart from Scotland.

    In Scotland, heavy overnight rain, and streams turned into raging torrents.

    All this demonstrates is that the floods are preventable, were the hills re-afforested and were to rewild, reintroduce beavers, wolves, lynx and wild boar.

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