Faircoin donations gladly accepted here

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faircoin donations Everything you read has been freely produced, it was not paid for, it was not directed or commanded. The reader is free to share, provided they cite the original. If they wish, they could make a payment in faircoin, but that is not obligatory or conditional on reading or sharing. There is no pay wall, it is not a walled garden.

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One Response to “Faircoin donations gladly accepted here”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Fair Coop are donating 1000 faircoins to 100 co-ops that share their principles.

    FairCoop will donate 1000 Faircoins to the first 100 collectives that accept donations in Faircoin, and which are in tune with FairCoop’s principles and values.

    * Download donation buttons / widget for donations

    * Publicise you accept donations in Faircoin through the hashtag #Faircoin on Twitter, and/or on Facebook, and/or on your organisation’s website/blog.


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