Lunch at Morrison’s cafe

disgusting scampi and chips at Morrison's Lincoln

disgusting scampi and chips at Morrison’s Lincoln

I did not think it possible, somewhere the food served could be worse than that at Morrison’s Aldershot, but today Morrison’s Lincoln proved me wrong.

A frosty start to the morning, by midday barely above freezing.

Arrived Morrison’s Lincoln sometime before midday.

Long wait in the queue to give order and pay, even though few people in the queue.

A perverse method of ordering. Order at one till, pay at another till.

Order placed at 1205.

Very cold in the cafe, most people sat with their coats on. Every couple of minutes a cold Arctic blast of air due to badly designed external doors and no doors to the cafe.

After about ten minutes, chilled to the bone.

1240, no sign of the ordered food.

This was queried.

It is being cooked.

A little before 1250, lunch arrived, lukewarm chips that were disgusting, cold peas that had an unpleasant taste, and scampi that was not good, but at least it was hot.  Fried fish was also disgusting, touched and left. No way was it quality fish as served in local fish n chip shop or Elite fish restaurant.

By now, tea had long gone cold.

One of the waitresses had long hair flowing free and dangling everywhere. This should have been tucked out of sight and wearing a hat.

A quick shop in the store, which was also cold.

I would have asked for the duty manager and lodged a formal complaint, but by now shivering, I wanted to leave.

I had lodged a complaint a year ago. Then the food was disgusting, the place freezing cold.  On that occasion obtained a refund for the lunch.  As nothing has improved one year on, clearly no notice taken of customer complaints.

The only good thing I could say, no queue at the checkout, and so was able to get out of the store quite quickly.

4 Responses to “Lunch at Morrison’s cafe”

  1. Peter Coulson Says:

    You probably shouldn’t expect too much. It’ll all be cooked from frozen, anyway. I’m sure there are better Sunday lunches around!

  2. keithpp Says:

    I am sure better can be had elsewhere, it would be pretty disgusting if not, but that is to entirely miss the point.

    There is no excuse for churning out such disgusting fare.

    Morrison’s Aldershot always has been bad, but what do you expect, it is Aldershot?

    Morrison’s Lincoln has in the past been ok.

    Obviously they do not care.

  3. Peter Coulson Says:

    Why would Aldershot Morrisons be any worse to any other? It’s a national chain. They’ll all have the same frozen food!

  4. keithpp Says:

    For the simple reason that it is located in Aldershot, and everything in Aldershot is crap, thus can get away with it.

    Morrison’s Aldershot can, if they try, produce reasonable meals, but they do not care and they get away with it.

    Morrison’s Lincoln has in the past managed to produce reasonable meals.

    Weatherspoon Aldershot when they opened were reasonable, though it depended who was in the kitchen and what you chose.

    Now, it is full of drunks, as every other low live drinking den in Aldershot.

    There are exceptions, even for Aldershot. Caffe Macchiato the food is excellent, they take a pride in what they serve, the service they provide. A rarity for a town infamous for its disgusting junk food outlets.

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