Lunch at Butcher and Beast

Butcher and Beast

Butcher and Beast

Lunch at Butcher and Beast in Heighington last week.

Butcher and Beast  is an old pub, built of local stone, located in the village of Heighington.

As you walk in, you are greeted by an open fire, a small bar. The fire welcome on a cold day, only problem, a blast of cold air, every time the front door opens.

We went through to what poses as a dining room, a cold room, even though the heating was on.

choice of real ales

choice of real ales

gammon and pineapple

gammon and pineapple

The soup, tomato and coriander, was good.

Gammon steak, served with pineapple or egg, mushrooms and chips was average at best.  The chips were not good. The fried onion rings I did not touch.

Portion size generous.

To drink, half of Bateman’s ale. Had I looked at the bar, I may have ordered something else. There was a surprising choice for what I assumed was a tied pub.

Service was good.

I learnt of the three pubs in nearby Washingborough, only one remains.

Heighington is a Lincolnshire village of stone cottages, not far from Lincoln. Its only tea shop closed a couple of years ago. The Post Office has also closed. There is now a tiny Post Office counter in the local Spar shop. Also hidden at the back of the Spar shop is the local butcher, one of the best in the country. It is worth a visit, for his Lincolnshire sausages.

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