Late morning in Lincoln

Moonraker Floating Tearoom

Moonraker Floating Tearoom

The Stonebow

The Stonebow

Did not get to Lincoln until sometime between 11-30 and midday.

Frost this morning, cold out of the sun.

Did not stay long.

Moonraker Floating Tearoom is a moored barge on the River Witham that flows through the city centre. I have never tried. Could they not find better ice cream than Walls? Are there no local suppliers? They do serve Stokes coffee, but I’d rather go for the real thing, Stokes on High Bridge.

Shocked at the state of Sincil Street. It used to be thriving. Now blighted, boarded up shops, thanks to Lincoln Coop and the local council wishing to redevelop for an unwanted shopping centre.

A rather sad farmers market in the High Street. All of four stalls.

High Street is the wrong location. Sincil Street would be a better location, where there are indie shops or there were until the local council destroyed the area.

Excellent cappuccino in Stokes on High Bridge. But then I would expect no less, from one of the best coffee shops in the country.

What I should have done was visit The Stonebow.  One of the rare days when open, but I did not know this until I was passing by.

Then off to Elite fish restaurant, one of the best in the country.

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