Eating in Istanbul

hot chestnuts

hot chestnuts

Turkish tea and Turkish cakes

Turkish tea and Turkish cakes

Until you have eaten in Istanbul, you have not tasted good food.

Hotel breakfast included halva, Turkish delight, honey comb.

In the street, tiny bakeries, fresh baked mouthwatering baclava and other delights.

Little tea shops, red tea served in a  glass.

Turkish coffee, an acquired taste.  Through the Spice Market, on the corner in the narrow street, a long queue as people patiently stand in line to buy their freshly ground coffee.

Hot chestnuts cooked by street vendors.

Fresh fruit juices from little kiosks.

Down by the waterfront, fresh grilled fish, stuffed into a loaf of bread broken in half, a little salad added.

Entire shops selling Turkish delight, not the sweet powdered gelatine seen in the West.

Kebabs freshly grilled, in little restaurants, off street stalls.

The Spice Market, visual and aromatic delight.

2 Responses to “Eating in Istanbul”

  1. Kyla Summers Says:

    These photo you have here makes me crave for sweet foods. You must have a great in Istanbul. By the way what does Turkish tea taste like?

  2. keithpp Says:

    Difficult to explain what Turkish tea is like.

    I drink high quality tea, no milk, no sugar.

    But, not possible to drink Turkish tea without sugar as very bitter.

    What the tea is I do not know. I asked, but no one had the English to explain.

    Tea and cakes in Istanbul

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