Hottest December on record

December 2015 warmest on record

December 2015 warmest on record

As expected, December 2015 has proved to be the hottest December on record.

The abnormal weather, leading to flooding not only across England and Wales, but also across the US and South America. has also led to the Arctic being warmer than zero centigrade.


14 Responses to “Hottest December on record”

  1. keithpp Says:

  2. keithpp Says:

    I have had bluebells coming up in December. They shoots not usually appear until January. #bluebells

  3. keithpp Says:

  4. Peter Coulson Says:

    …and the gyratory road behind the Ham & Blackbird site was flooded yesterday, motorists had to use the bus lane to get through. Surprising amounts of surface water on all the roads, especially the A331.

  5. keithpp Says:

    Several weeks ago, Farnborough Road was under a few feet of water, parts of North Camp between Alexander Road and main road were also flooded.

    The reason is very simple, failure of the bloody useless council to clear the drains. It has been like this for at least thirty years.

    Last decade made worse by the cowboy contractors who cut the grass verges. Instead of using a lawn mower suitable for grass verges they used sit on tractors suitable for mowing a field. The grass gets scattered onto the paths (where it gets trodden into households), onto the road (where it gets washed into the gutters, down the drains and blocks the drains).

    Council are aware of the problem, do nothing.

    I daresay there will be the usual wringing of hands, shedding of crocodile tears by the useless tosser councillors.

  6. Peter Coulson Says:

    Surely it’s Southern Water responsible for the drains?

  7. keithpp Says:

    Council has never denied not their responsibility.

  8. Peter Coulson Says:

    Or county council?

  9. Peter Coulson Says:

    It’s HCC, blaming it on debris from recent demolition work.

  10. keithpp Says:

    December, not only warmest on record, also wettest.

  11. keithpp Says:

    Greedy cowboy developer demolished the Ham and Blackbird.

    Before then destroyed the trees.

    Once again failure by dysfunctional local council to act.

    Planning consent not required for demolition, merely have to notify council and show correct procedures being followed (which council then ignores, as they did with demolition of town centre), but, they could have served Tree Preservation Orders on the trees, could have listed the building as a building of local historical interest (it dated from arrival of the railway).

    But then we saw how the local community was failed on The Tumbledown Dick, with planning officials blatantly lying to committee, not advising of points raised in objection or where from, for example local surgery and two head teachers of primary schools on health grounds.

    It would be difficult to imagine a less suitable location for blocks of flats (which will be marketed to London commuters), heavily polluted, traffic noise and traffic hazard (entering and leaving a gyratory system from a traffic island).

    I understand it has gone to appeal, but local planners useless and not up to the job, lack of understanding of planning, will lose, or deliberately lose. It is one thing pulling the wool over the eyes of thick councillors, quite another a Planning Inspector.

    Local people who have objected have the right to appear before Planning Inquiry, challenge the developer, cross-examine. Have greater say than before planning committee, where not able to challenge thick councillors or corrupt planners.

  12. keithpp Says:

    Demolition debris not cause of flooding elsewhere in Farnborough.

    Failure to keep drains clear, caviller manner in which cowboy contractors cut grass verges.

    Cove Brook floods due to cutting down tens of thousand of trees in catchment area and drainage of Farnborough Airport.

    Across the country, floods were preventable. We have known for at least a decade, warm air holds more moisture, more energy, more frequent and violent storms. Once in a century events, now the norm every couple of years (and it will get worse).

    Hard flood defences do not work, soft flood defences do.

    We need to retain the water upstream, slow the flow downstream. We need to re-afforest the hills, re-wild, reintroduce beavers, wolves and lynx.

    Moors above York were drained. York flooded.

    Above Pickering, trees cut down across streams, flow of water slowed, Pickering did not flood. Beavers would have done the work for free.

  13. Peter Coulson Says:

    Really cold weather coming this weekend. Expect snow. That’ll stop the daffodils.

  14. keithpp Says:

    Cold weather will not impact daffodils they usually grow in the spring, coldest time of the year.

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