Floating rouble and progressive nationalism

The first half of the programme garbage (crude pro-Russian propaganda), the second half little better.

The reason the Russian Central bank has hiked interest rate to 17%, is to try and help the rouble that is in free fall. A sign of failure, not success.

Try talking to Russians in Cyprus, ask them about the buying power of the rouble.

Biblio Globus, a Russian tour company, a trail of unpaid debts.

Oil prices have collapsed, because of a glut of oil, collapsing world economy, and post-COP21, a move away from fossil fuels.

Money is cheap for the rich, not the poor. The rich are pouring money into silly projects like Uber.

Uber offers no technological innovation, it is a cowboy outfit offering unfair competition to a legitimate taxi sector.

EU is a malignant, undemocratic entity that should be smashed. The euro an unmitigated disaster.

The year closes, having seen the rouble go into free fall, oil at record low, Russian economy collapsing.

When Max Keiser peddles this level of crap, he loses all credibility. You can almost see Valdimir Putin pulling his strings.

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