Festive lunch at Washingborough Hall





dining room

dining room

When you book for lunch, asked to wait half an hour before being invited into the dining room, then find no one else there, maybe this should send warning bells clanging.

celeriac and pear soup

celeriac and pear soup

Celeriac and pear soup, strange mix, was excellent. Creamy, bits of pear, slightly sweet, something strange floating on top that was like chewing on bits of paper.

The same could not be said of the main course, roast turkey with the usual trimmings. The turkey appeared to be hotted up slices of somewhat inferior turkey,  undercooked carrots and brussel sprouts, a red mush, difficult to know what it was, maybe red cabbage but very sweet, whatever it was, in contrast with the brussels and carrots overcooked, the roast potatoes surprisingly were excellent.

I would have expected a quality bird, roasted, carved.

Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding served with white sauce. Not a lot can go wrong with a Christmas pudding, so long as buy quality or make with quality ingredients.

All servings, the portion size was generous.

tea and fudge

tea and fudge

Pot of tea served with a piece of fudge.

Water served in a glass bottle. The wire holding the top in place was rusty.

Unpleasant loud music blaring out in the dinning room during the meal.

The table rickety. It needed a beer mat or two under one of the table legs to stabilise the table.

Waitress doubled as a receptionist.

Locally sourced ingredients but without saying from where, a meaningless statement. Contrast with Stokes on High Bridge in Lincoln, where locally sourced and they say from where.

Washingborough Hall is a Grade II listed building, a Georgian manor house,  set in its own grounds.

It is unfortunate the food served does not live up to the promise of the surroundings.

But even the building has been ruined. An appalling extension has been stuck on the side, out of character with the building. Begs the question how it ever managed to obtain planning consent.

Washingborough Hall has a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.  It is not deserved.

Failure to address fake reviews, issuing of Certificate of Excellence when not deserved, TripAdvisor is losing all credibility.

Washingborough Hall is located half way up Church Hill in the cliff-edge village of Washingborough, not far from Lincoln.


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  1. Peter Coulson Says:

    “something strange floating on top that was like chewing on bits of paper.”


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