Lunch at Gurkha Palace

buffet lunch

buffet lunch

I was later than I wished, but heavy rain, and rather than get soaked, decided to wait until it stopped.

Noticeably colder than off late.

On arrival, a noisy birthday party, luckily they spent the next half an hour leaving.

Once they had left, I was the only one there.

Food was ok, not brilliant.

Sunday is all day buffet. Does this mean the food sits there all day?

All the containers were full. In once sense I was probably lucky, they maybe had been topped up for the party that was departing,  as not once whilst I was there, was fresh food brought out.

I went back for seconds, not as good or as  fresh as my first helping. For some of the food it does not matter, but some of the dishes do need to be freshly cooked and served.

That is why I strongly recommend, be there lunchtime whilst busy, or early afternoon, and get the last of the fresh helpings.

When I had almost finished, and as a I was leaving, two couples and a man on his own. They would have had food that was not fresh and had been sitting there well over an hour.

I am surprised they do not manage the food better, according the the flow of people.


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