#THIS IS A COUP – My comments on Paul Mason’s documentary

Thank you Yanis for your corrections.


We await with interest your detailed account of the first six months, and what led to those six months.

Exit from the euro would have been the best option, but, Greece was not in a position to exit. Greece lacks a currency, it would have taken a year to introduce one, in the meantime Greece would have gone into meltdown.

What Greece should be doing, is introducing a parallel currency or local currencies, that are outside the control of EU and ECB.

There also has to be resistance by the Greek people, they can no longer depend upon Syriza who signed a surrender document.


Yanis Varoufakis

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 14.20.44.pngPaul Mason’s recently released four-part documentary #THIS IS A COUP, on the crushing of the Athens Spring, offers much food for thought. Paul and I have had many opportunities to discuss the issues it covers, including on stage in London in front of a magnificent audience. When the time comes, I shall publish my full account. But for now, here are some comments for each one of the four episodes, culminating to a general comment at the very end – see below.

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