Lunch at Turn Fit Deli

Turn Fit Deli

Turn Fit Deli

Turn Fit Deli only opened early this month and shot straight to No 1 coffee spot in Guildford (No 2 jointly shared with FCB coffee kiosk and Harris + Hoole). Word of mouth.

I popped in, with the intention of popping back later for a coffee, got half way down the road, it was cold and damp, thought why not, turned on my heals, returned and had lunch.

Beef ragu. Not something I would as a rule have, a sort of minced beef stew with rice. Spicy, a tad too spicy. But otherwise excellent. Flat wooden spoons. I probably should have used a fork. A man had soup, which he said was excellent, though he commented it was a little too spicy. Not easy, soup with a flat wooden spoon.

Served in a paper pot, which is folded over the top. OK for takeaway, though I can see grave danger of spillage. Far better, paper or card tray or pot, with plant based-cellulose lid (as they do at Iydea in Brighton). All can be recycled through a compost heap. But for eat in, far better on a plate or in a bowl.

egg and bacon muffins

egg and bacon muffins

I learnt they do breakfast. On display egg and bacon muffins. Unusual and looked delicious, though I would not eat, as I do not eat eggs.

I returned later for a cappuccino, and learnt they have a breakfast choice, but cannot recall what, other than I think maybe muesli and porridge may have got a mention.

Minimalist, modern, one large communal table and a little breakfast bar if you wish to people watch by the window.

The large communal table could have a sign, conversation table, as the couple of times I have been in, people friendly and intelligent conversation has ensued. Not what would happen in any of the ghastly chains in Guildford of which there are far too many.

Quiet. One of the big downsides of Harris + Hoole, very noisy downstairs.

We need a network of small business like Turn Fit Deli, either small family business or open coops, each supporting each other.

Next step would be acceptance of faircoin and adoption of a Guildford local currency, something Experience Guildford should be looking into and getting off the ground.

Turn Fit Deli, to be added to places to eat in Guildford.

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